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Pesticides - the 'P' word - one that has become unfashionable nowadays, but an issue that won't go away. By perusing the DropData pages, we hope you will appreciate our view that biological control agents and other alternative techniques remains the highly desirable, but success will require further research investment. In the meantime we need true Integrated Crop Management that includes better pesticide application and judicious selection of existing control agents. So, what is the case for using pesticides, and if so where? This page gives some opinions and details about the characteristics of the major pesticides classes:

Pesticide properties:      

Our views on pesticide use         
Insecticides - Neuroactive:            Non-neuroactive:          
Fungicides:                                   Nematode management:  

Pesticides, useful links

The Alan Wood site (structures of active ingredients)

British Crop Production Council (publishers of the Pesticide Manual)

CropLife International (formerly GIFAP then GCPF)

Guidelines on sustainability from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

The Pesticides Forum (hosted by the UK Government)

The UK Pesticides Safety Directorate