Rational Pesticide Use

v. 25/1/2009

Overview on Pesticides and their Use
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Rational Pesticide Use can be considered as a sub-set of Integrated Crop Management (ICM) which aims to maximise efficacy and mitigate the problems associated with agrochemicals (but not necessarily about promotion of pesticides).

Here we give information on pesticides including:

Judicious pesticide use is compatible with Good Agricultural Practice. Despite the public concern, the total value of pesticide sales increased some 2.5 times to US$ 30 billion, during the final two decades of the 20th century. Attempts to totally exclude pesticide use are often impractical and have clearly been rejected by "the market". Decreases over the early part of the century are thought to be mainly due to low crop prices, but the market has increased again over the last 3 years.

Some external links describing freely available information on pesticides:

Since the mid 1990s, genetically modified (GM) crops have been put-forward as alternative pest and weed control methods, but the technology is controversial in Europe and elsewhere. Sales of GM crops have grown, but to date they are mostly herbicide-tolerant varieties: which "lock-in" herbicide applications to crop management. Further information on GMO issues can be obtained here.

source: British Crop Protection Association Anual reports, Agrow

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