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Cocoa SPS: joining-up the science with the regulation

updated 18/08/2015

Welcome to Roy's cocoa SPS blog, which relates to:

  1. impact of regulation on and cocoa production and trade
  2. GAP and IPM measures to mitigate these risks
  3. Cocoa IPM/SPS and related issues in the news around the world
  4. ... and newly released:

Issues examined include:


In the NEWS


Important cocoa pesticides under discussion

Which cocoa pesticides are effective and permitted for use?
(latest draft of Manual: Appendix 3)

Compounds under review

1. Insecticides



    pirimiphos methyl

coco mirid

2. Fungicides (and substances active against Oomycetes)

    metalaxyl - final review

Phytophthora megakarya
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