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Crop Protection Projects

The International Pesticide Application Research Centre (IPARC) aims to provide unbiased information and technological development on the selection and use of pesticides. Projects are being developed and carried out, that focus on techniques that reduce the environmental impact of - and may lead to real reductions in - pesticide use.

We have amassed a large database on the performance of a wide range of application equipment and spray nozzles that are currently in use; this will enable improved recommendations for the dose transfer of both chemical and biological pesticides.


With this database, and our experience with formulation development, we can contribute to research into biopesticide delivery systems. Unlike chemical products, biopesticide formulations are suspensions of living micro-organisms; since these are necessarily particulate suspensions, there are special consequences in the dose transfer from the spray tank to the target pests. Our recent projects include development of entomopathogenic nematodes for drip irrigation.

Current activities include:

 Developing RPU techniques for control of cacao diseases and insects

 Mycopesticides for cocoa mirid control
 - please help us search for isolates.

 Droplet size evaluation: updating the BCPC nozzle classification  
 Biopesticide formulation development
  Technical support for 'Green Muscle
 Providing technical support, consultancy services and equipment
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Desirable though biopesticides may be, they currently still constitute <1% of the total World pesticide market (and consist mostly of sales of biological insecticides). Chemical pesticides therefore cannot be ignored, but much can be done to improve the selection and application of conventional products. IPARC position paper.

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